One Page Business Plan – A Starting Point

One Page Business plan

If you are dreading writing a full business plan because it seems overwhelming and you have no idea how to start then a one page business plan is a good place to start and get the creative juices flowing. From here you can go back through what you come up with and expand on it for the full version of your business plan.

Replace the questions with your haunted house or other business’s information.

NAME (Your Name)
[What position do you hold? Owner/Marketer/VP/???]
[your company or program name]

[what will you leave behind? What will you do to benefit people?]

[What is your overall goal? What do you want to provide the people?]

[what are you looking to do with your business? Objectives lead up to your overall goal in the mission.]

[what methods will you use to meet your objectives?]

[what will you provide]

[what methods and tactics will you use and when and how will you use them]

[how will you track your success? What will tell you that you have met an objective or goal?]

[what characteristics will you present. this is what people will remember about you when you are successful.]

An example one page business plan

A happy but scared customer every time.

Provide a safe and fun environment for people to come to in order to get the best scare around.

1) Initial Start-up – Run a successful first season

2) Customer Growth – Add additional attraction third year

3) Expansion – Expand to second location

1) Initial Start-up – Obtain location, construct haunt, run marketing, obtain visitor attendance of 4k.

2) Customer Growth – Seasonal multi-channel marketing campaigns

3) Expansion – Succeed in previous years and allot money for future expansion into second location.

1) Design, Construct, Research location 6 months from opening day

2) Construct multi-channe marketing campaign to include radio, print, word of mouth

3) Collect customer contact information through email list for sending out updates of following years opening events

4) Set aside %25 of profits from years 1 through 3 for expansion in year 4

5) Design, Construct and scout new location for expansion during year 3

6) Plan large opening event for new location, invite media and past customers

VALUES (Standards we’ll be held accountable to)
– Authentic
– Creative
– Innovating
– Frightening

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