Haunted House Ideas For Home Haunters

I have seen a large growth in traffic to the site this year for people looking for haunted house ideas. On top of that I have seen many emails for haunted house ideas also. So since we just opened the haunt I am working at this year I decided to take a minute with the little down time I do get to write up a quick post about a couple books. I have talked about one of these books before and wrote a quick review on it “How To Haunt Your House
“. In that review I wrote the only bad thing I could find is that the book came to an end. Shortly after writing that I got an email from one of the authors letting me know they were planning to release a second book making it into a series sort of deal so now there are two books.

How to Haunt Your House, Book Two
they went all out again and created another wonderful addition. Many of the techniques are high quality and could be put to use in a professional haunt environment with a few code upgrades. If your looking for do it yourself haunt projects and want to save the money of buying high priced props from stores or catalogs then I highly recommend you check out this book. I loved the first one and the second one is just as good. With detailed lists and plenty of imagery this book gets 5 stars in my book.

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