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The #1 thing preventing most businesses from starting up or growing is lack of funding. Here I have put together a selection of funding products focused on different areas. If you are interested in any specific type of funding the below products will prove super valuable to you.


Crowdfunding Formula by Growthink $97

Module 1 – Crowdfunding Overview

Module 2 – Step-by-Step Crowdfunding Guide (14 step blueprint)

Module 3 – Advanced Crowdfunding Tips & Tactics

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24/7 email access to me and Growthink’s senior team for quick answers to any/all Crowdfunding questions you have. You’re not alone anymore!



Interview with RocketHub founder Vlad Vukicevic



Interview with LendingClub founder Renaude Laplanche



Twitter Quick Start Guide & Underground Twitter Tactics Ebooks

One thought on “Funding Resources

  • August 17, 2012 at 8:31 am

    Your sight has been so very helpful, but as you say, the one thing holding me back from growing is the funding dilemma. Been doing home haunts since the 90’s and up to building through my entire front yard, but after a viscious divorce, my credit dropped significantly (finally recovering). Everyone tells me I should build an attraction, my work is awesome, and scares are eminant around every corner, but alas money makes the world go round. Any funding at all would be helpful. Thanks for all the grewt website advice!

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